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About us

Aitzkoate was set up in 1984 when its founding partners came together to lay the foundations of what is now the company. Given the growing demand for metal products by the surrounding industrial companies, they decided to open a small workshop in Lazkao where they started the production. The objective was clear: to offer effective solutions in the field of sheet metal forming fabrication and ironworks.

Over the years the company was experiencing numerous changes in its structure, incorporating new services and offering complete welded products.

In 2006, in order to supply demand and continue to offer the quality and services requested by its customers, Aitzkoate moved to its new headquarters in Beasain, where we continue to offer our services today.

After decades of dedication in this fiels, we are able to offer a wide range of solutions that cover the entire production process, from design to the final assembly of the product. We manufacture all types of metal products for sectors such as railway, production equipment, food and machinery, among many others, and we always base our work on the original principles of the founders: quality, commitment and innovation, and with the aim of offering Our customers a better service every day.

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